Wrong & Right

by Cheers!

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released May 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Cheers! Plzen, Czech Republic

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Track Name: Cliffs Of Galway
I’m a man with the fate of an old dusty book,
lieing alone in the shelve, used on not to be looked.
Hundred pages of luck, shame and hopeless affairs,
no bollocks, no ties and no chance for a change.
I’m a saint i’m a ghost that you dreamed ‘bout the most
With me you’ll be no longer down
What is freedom you want to a kiss from the heart
There is still a blank row to find

When I’ll see the cliffs of Galway I’ll scarve it with your name
So you finaly know how it’s like to be trapped in a womb of wailing waves

You're just holding your arse on the same spot all day,
drinking beer with your friends, talk, have nothing to say.
you guys should of think twice before you got a wife,
the last thing you'll do is to ruin me loife

I have told you that day when you first draw ye'r name
no saint could of change the way I am
and I love you the most, but the fate's got me toes
don't shout at me loike I'm the man

Don't grumble and wail - I bet you were in jail
we still can be - drunk till we die
I’m just trying to say - you don't listen me well
and care about me when I'm down.

no saint would be open to woes you are giving
that's reason why we die alone
I don't give a fuck for what shit makes you riggin
But flow can shape the stone
Track Name: Molly's Eyes
Can you feel the cold
Can you smell the wind
There is a sailing boat
Along with my sins.
And I think of my old home.
My mouth’s filled with one crown.

Funny old things
Cheer up my mind
Whatever end brings
I’m doing fine.
Don’t bother your brass eyes
I wish you could see blue skyes

The Sun is shinning down the ground
Pull out a cork and send it around.
Wheelbarrow lost it’s only way
I’m gonna tell Molly today
So tear the statue down!

Cryin’ alone and careful steps
Will put you out of livingness
That’s best way how tell the death you’re here.
Shouting loud and courageous things
Cup-of-a-tea while your cockle sinks
Are making the life much longer, see my dear.

Innocent thought of a shrewdy man
Create a statue without any care
I bet she would cry if they cast her tears.
So push the boat and wave to me
I rather stay in memories
Then stuck in a square, be a tourist top to see.
So please…

Can you hear the sound
There’s music in waves.
Push the wheelbarrow away
Together we’ll stay.
Please, tear the statue down
There’s no heart beating inside.
Track Name: Mary Hogan's
All the roads I left behind, each of them poured a tear
For the women who lives by the shore
As she‘d hold my sore hands, and her green sad eyes
My heart started to beatin‘ once more

Far away from green eyes, far away from me now
A smile is waiting and yearns
For the man who have lost his mind in the wind
Blow so i’ll find the way home

When you’ll be by Mary Hogan’s never take a rest
and don’t look ever there to where is staring all the rest
She‘ll lure you with a whiskey and than shake her head with a smile
She’s the woman you should married, for whom every man would die

Goodbye my sweet love I go over the sea to find a new home we can dwell
Don’t shade your tears and wait here for me. I‘m sure you will handle it well
All those years we have spent side by side, hand in hand, it wasn‘t just a childish play
So let me go for a place where you happy will be, don’t worry together we’ll stay

Since than I have passed over thousands of miles thinking of you every day
And my boots full of rocks could of tell you the same, we’ve sent you a letter today
But every road’s got it’s end and I finished the mine in a place where an angel dwells
And all the words i wrote splashed the stout gone away. My soul will be buried in hell.

Every women i had every girl i have met, It has never felt to be so behind
When I lost my breath in her green sad eyes...
..and the pint of a stout at the bar.
Track Name: Collier
The night I saw your bluesy eyes is buried in my mind
Our sights were like billiard balls, across each other they run
You looked like someone‘s chaseing you, was it a hiding place or me
That drove you in my dirty place, the last place on Earth you should be

If there’s one word left to say
Just like an old man above his grave
I don’t care for a thing I don’t want to be me
till the Sun will brake the day

Next day after the morning shift, when I found out that you’re gone
The only thing that i could do was staring at the wall
Your hair trapped on my pillow sheet and the scent you left in the air
All that with the way you smile and kiss traped me in a fairy tale

What an evil I must done
so you chared me and then was gone
now me loife is a lost and I’m drinking with ghosts
till the Sun will brake the day

Then I saw her on the western shore, as she rumbled all alone
so i braced myself and touched her throat
to feel the heartbeat once more

Who would say that a woman’s warming heart
can snatch a man down to his feet
and they dragged me away in a cold bloody cell
to pay for what I did

Now I’m safe before her smile
for a man can’t have his day
and I’ll stay right in here by the collier’s cell
till the Sun will brake the year
Track Name: Parník
Na modrym parníku je loď, co můžeš dolů z lodi schoď
U břehu čeká opodál věcma narvanej plnej sál
Koukáš, jak překračuje ryk, s životem začal novej zvyk
Usínat hlavou u kostí, snad tě ta chvíle nepustí

Na modrym parníku je loď, rychle do vody kamen vhoď
Skáče tak jak života sůl, před vraty štěká tmavej vůl
Netušíš, na co by ses zmoh a v dáli hučí dutej roh
To troubí mrtvej převozník, už ví, že nejsi námořník

Opodál leží malej pluh, kde odpočívá čistej vzduch
Na krku pár svejch cenností, v botech tkaničky blbostí
Na nebi překračuješ most, to je tvůj most přez budoucnost
Doufáš, že spadne jako hrad, line se z podpalubí smrad

Seš mrtvej námořník
Track Name: Jim
Well little Jim has always love the Sea and pirat books with plenty of „me“
So making bouts out of piece of bark, he dreamed of captain‘ one.
Before he ate a meal with his dirty hands never‘d start without the toast to his friends,
Thus the life went on and the river flowed with his dinghy cruising streams.

But hard is a life when you’re sailing a dream that was always in your heart.
And cliffs on your way are just way too much real for the little captain Jim.

After fifteen years of bein‘ lonely kid Jimmy finally found a friend to drink with,
So drunk to hell and marginalized, he’d bum around the town.
Never hit a deck, never taste the salt but drinking rum as a pirat’s old whore,
He still maked small bouts out of bark and watched them floating by.

But now the boy is a man and they don’t understand to the soul that lost it‘s course
For Jim there’s a way what-hell-ever they say, that one day he’ll reach the shore

When ever bank’s too far and the arms are too weak
We think of that small breath inside
And every man in a row is like a wave in the sea
That drowns if you don’t fit in the line

No matter how Jim swims or how hard can he fight,
For a reason there’s always a wall
Why can’t we kill by the sword every thing what is wrong
It’s Jim who we fight after all
It’s Jim who we fight after all

So one day, when clouds were off the sky, Jim awoke with a perfect thought on his mind
He grabbed a knife and cut his grudge, that almosed killed his heart
It took a day or two to built a wooden craft with a flagpole and blackjack on the top
So the high tide came and Jim has left what others called the home.

He is leaving today, there’s no way he can stay imprisoned in this fucking land
With a scarf ‘round his head, rum will sure cheat the death, Jim is heading to meet his bane,
Hope he’ll never lose the lane.

When ever bank’s too far and the arms are too weak
We think of that small breath inside
And every man in a row is like a wave in the Sea
That drowns you if you’re out the line

No matter how Jim swims or how hard does he fight,
For a reason there’s always a wall
Why can’t we kill by the sword every thing that is wrong
It’s Jim who we fight after all
It’s Jim who we fight after all
Track Name: Poor Man's Hat
Christmas is coming the goose is getting fat. So please’ve got a penny in the poor man’s hat
If you haven’t got a penny so half penny will do and if you haven’t got half penny so then
well fuck you.

My birthday is coming today I lost my work. My wife she’s gone with some ugly stupid jerk.
And the house where I was living in flames it felted down. And now I should be worried in this fucking town.

St. Patty’s day is coming my live lies on the ground. For you I’m a begger and a homeless now. You can find me on the street sitting right beside my hat if someone who will goes around will give me piece of bread.

Halloween is coming the weather’s getting cold. A penny would help me, c’mon, drop a coin. You can make your God blessy and gave me a fog too and if you haven’t got anything so then well fuck you.

My death is coming I lost everything I had, so please’ve got mercy with the poor man’s death. If you haven’t got some mercy, so get out of my world. I died because your stupid heads did left me in the cold.

Christmas is coming so be kind and be nice. For all we are humans and no animals. Our own world will be better, homeless would be alive. But You don’t care what’s gonna be. What’s fucking right.
Track Name: I'll Never Be the Same Man Again
Our captain’s really wise so we‘d way on to the seas
And look for other lanes rich as much as is it could be
But after a year hanging rats on the spar
We started to getting hunch where we are

Stores were getting short so as sailors on the deck
And every lasting man’d like to turn the lugger back
The devil himself had to bless this whole place
And leave it to our captain’s hands
Oh, he left it in our captain’s hands

A sailor never counts how many days he’s gone from home
But for a fuckin‘ sake none of us could really know
The rats we did hang and left to rock in the wind
Were oddly just disappearing
For me and other swabs, it was only a scuttle-butt
But true is that the thing with the dead was really odd
We broke in cabine where the captain did sleep
And saw what the freak liked to eat
Oh, we saw what the freak liked to eat

And I’ll never be the same man again

The fact that we’re the fish put the strenght in our vains
We went to find the deamon to finish up the dance
Well, no one of us ever met a ghost before
But I‘m sure that a fish hook will work

You tell to me wife I’ll be back in a while, there’re things that just got to be done
When we found him, captain was teared all around
and mermaids just feast on his lung
I promised them to hold back me tongue

I hired another men and we‘d way on to the seas
To meet again the girls lovely more than summer breeze
Their whisper in my ears lead my hand on the wheel
And gimme that beautiful feel
Oh, they gimme such a beautiful feel
Track Name: Rugged Days
When the shit hit the fun, when the things got all wrong
There’s no lad in the pub that can sing me a song
And the money I‘ve spent on whiskey and beer
Were so so enough to drown misery
So, where’s the ghost that’d keep it real, in here

Why every fuckin‘ while comes to end before we die
Are there really things to see, if most of them are not for me

Where the hell did go all the rugged days
The spirit now sticks at the floor
It seems that every point in our life we made
Is no more that a mud at the door

Always care what they do and what they leave behind
What’s worth to abuse and who’s worth to let down
And the youth that they had is now far from the tree
All the cheer in our hearts can’t be gone till we breathe
So fill the jar and sing a song with me

So many years’ve been passing by, the’re like a girl without answer why
So much for better days, I’ll hold my breath till again they’ll raise

So the morning has come and it mourned our day
‘re you remember the times when we used to be the same
There’s no shame in our hearts for the things that we’ve done
What’s point of the living if punks got no fun

I've been a wild rover for many's a year,
And I've spent all me money on whiskey and beer
Track Name: Wrong & Right
Me mother used to say, boy you never break the rules
Or the devil eat your soul and you’ve got nothing else to lose
Me father was a drunk he never missed when hit her face
How come she with her brains never pushed herself to brace

Who will left of heart-kind man today if rabbits scare to fight
Written rules stay on the plague while wolfs’re killin‘ the weak
Who the feck cares what’s wrong and right

With a safety by our side and a wolf pack in the herd
We live upon the line where nobody can get hurt
For the nation what they need is a bunch of toothless pets
You better hide the claw or you’ll be treated like a rat

Belive instead of trust is the new trust of today
They belive that fear and guns’ll make you dance to what they say
So with kindness in the heart and the will that fills your soul
decide how it will be if ye’r life‘s got right to float

Written rules stay on the plague while wolfs’re killin‘ the weak
Who the feck cares what’s wrong and right
Track Name: In the Maze
the light of purple neons is a tower in the sea
i closed my eyes and kissed the glass to where your lips should be
it's a long way home and years we shared, more fond that i could tell
but there's a barrel of whiskey in the way, there's a barrel of whiskey in the way

streets are sore and silent, they never talk 'bout things they've seen
she lost her folks in an accident and i gave her a place to weep
it's a long way home and years we shared and i treasure an every day
but there's a lovely young girl in the way, there's a lovely young girl in the way

the wind blows through me pockets, always did and always will
i gave my heart to you, me love, you gave me a cause to live
it's a long way home and years we shared and a loife i've had to sell
yet there's a brick made of gold in the way, there's a brick made of gold in the way

travelling takes a time if wings do not work on ye'r side
but by all means i'm heading to me rhyme

travelling takes a time if wings do not work on ye'r side
i'll never splash the taste of your raspberry lips
and you won't remember the mine
all the things i've dropped for your face
are now lost somewhere in the maze
you just stole my soul as you'd steal my clay on the way